Just Starting Out

Hello there, and Welcome! This is a new site I’m in the process of creating all about my journey of self-improvement. Consisting of my pursuit of knowledge, projects, and lifestyle goal, this site will feature much to do with philosophy, science, technology, and lifestyle. Usually I will approach these topics with a goal or project in mind. This will lead to an innovative approach to the normally boring academics yet still leave a rigorous example of the area satisfying the curious, intellectual, and creative.
Some of the initial projects will be tech based such as constructing a website, app creation, building some games, exploring the limits of minecraft, and building a whole set of integrated diy tech and science projects.
As well I will be covering my pursuit of knowledge in the areas of philosophy, computer science, technology, science, and psychology and sociology. Hopefully making for an extensive exploration of the topic creating a sense of understanding and wonder for the audience and myself.
So this concludes my opening post. Next post i will go into my upcoming projects, concerns, and pursuits.